Software Optimization, Repair or Reinstallation

Sometimes our computers seem to completely crash out of nowhere. Everything from Blue Screens of Death to no picture or sounds. That's why we are here to help. We can diagnose the problem and fix your PC.

If your system has performance issues or other minor issues. We can find and remove unnecessary software, optimize your web browser, and make sure your Operating System is running at peak performance.

Reno & Sparks Computer Repair 

Specializing in Virus Removal
Virus, Trojans, malware, spyware, adware, malicious software, worms, Etc.
If it hinders your system performance, we will fix it! Operating system installation and repair If any damage caused by viruses. System 
tune-up and maintenance with registry repair Makes your computer run like new! Installation of 
award-winning Anti-virus maintenance and repair software programs (FOUR #1 Rated Programs!)

Hardware Repair/Replacement


Sometimes you step on your laptop and crack the screen or maybe spill a drink on your computer and other times components go out after years of use... Whatever the case may be. We will thoroughly diagnose the problem with your system and fix it.

Data Recovery

Light Data Recovery
Your drive 
just needs backing up, and has no
damage. This is the choice for you.

Medium Data Recovery
This option is for either 100gb drives or smaller
with “light” damage, or 101gb drives and bigger
with no damage.

Heavy Data Recovery
For this option your drive is either under 100gb
with “medium to heavy” damage, or over 100gb
with “light” damage.

Ultimate Data Recovery
If your drive does not fit the above options this
is probably the choice for you. this plan come
with a FREE check by a class 100 cleanroom
certified “Drive Recovery” company.
If we are not able to get your data back we
will find the best people for you to do the
job , and we wont
charge you for our time.